Mechanical Engineering UMY care about UKM (Part 2)

January 23, 2018, oleh: superadmin


Boyolali is a small town with local cultural diversity and handmade products are diverse, one of them in Cepogo region as a producer of copper and aluminum handicrafts. Copper and aluminum plates in the hands of the Cepogo community can be processed into handicrafts and household utensils, including pots and pans. One of the aluminum craftsmen, Pajar, explained that the local people’s livelihood as pandhe (the name of metal crafters) has been hereditary heritage to this day. The main obstacle in its development is the problem of business management, low entrepreneurial spirit and lack of insight into technological developments that can make money exchange faster.

Through a training program that has been organized by Mechanical Engineering University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta in cooperation with RISTEKDIKTI, UKM Goose Aluminum and Maju Mulyo trained to be able to develop themselves and manage the business to be able to walk with progressive. In addition, it is also given training and introduction of modern trading system through internet network. Entrepreneurship training and marketing strategy is given by Novi Caroko, ST, M. Eng as a lecturer of Mechanical Engineering UMY as well as owner of CV. Leaf. While the training on financial management and bookkeeping was presented by Wika Harisa Putri, SE, SH, M.Sc, M.EI as a lecturer of Janabadra University. Online marketing training as well as e-commerce launching as a website marketing products of UKM Goose Aluminum submitted by Thoharudin, ST, MT as the designer of the website.

The activities of these trainings can be held with the Grant of Science and Technology for Society (IbM) Directorate General of Strengthening Risbang, RISTEKDIKTI funding in 2017.